We finally have pictures online. Each of the following links opens a new window with the pictures. Just close the window when you're done with that photo album. I don't like the design a ton but it is a lot easier that doing it all manually. Enjoy...

Andrew's first birthday - Andrew's already 1 year old and got his own cake for his birthday party. He didn't eat much of it but enjoyed making the mess.

Tyler & Andrew - Christmas 2003, Andrew's blessing, and a few misc. pictures (Tyler playing with the eggs)

Tyler's pictures, including Mother's Day

Easter 2003 - Carla's family reunion and some on our own

Tyler's 2nd birthday - Carla did a lot to make it great for Tyler

Tyler's other pictures - look for the syrup pictures

Our Virginia trip - March 2003

Derek's fishing pictures

Christmas 2002 - some video and pictures

If you want a high-resolution copy of any pictures, send me an e-mail.


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