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This page is intended to help us all remember Jake. It is primarily a way for family, friends, and others to record our memories of Jake. As his family, we are extremely grateful for everyone who has/will share their memories and pictures of Jake. We miss him and love to hear your stories.

We put together something of an obituary for Jake. We've posted a first draft and hope you enjoy it. We've also posted talks and other stuff from the funeral.

Jake's passing has generated a suprising amount of media interest. Besides the links below, we know of a couple of stories on TV news in Utah and Hawaii. Here are the links (will open in new windows):

We are very grateful to all the media outlets for sharing Jake's story. He's usually not one for the spotlight but always loves attention. Hopefully Jake is able to influence others for good through all this.

Everybody asks us what they can do to help and we appreciate all of your offers. Perhaps the biggest thing we need is for you to share your memories of Jake. We love to read your stories and see the pictures.

Thank you again for your love and support.

Jake's family

Jake (far right) with family & friends.